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Indice di Epistolae

Bruni, Leonardo

Epistolae [Selections from Bruni's Public Letters or Missive]

I [Liberty within Dominion Status] p. 133
II [Restoration of self-government to Volterra] p. 134
III [Desire for the Restoration of the ancient Friendship with Lucca] p. 135
IV [Protection of the State of the Church] p. 135
V [Sforza relieved of Service to the Duke of Milan] p. 136
VI [Financial Relations with Sforza and Respect for the States of the Church] p. 137
VII [Support for the Spiritual and Temporal Power of the Pope and Offer of Asylum in Florentine Territory] p. 138
VIII [Sforza appointed Marquess of the March of Ancona] p. 139
IX [Piccinino’s gambit] p. 141
X [The Pope’s Ambition to Recover Bologna in 1434] p. 142
XI [Sforza’s Contract (Condotta) with the League of Florence and Venice, 1436] p. 142
XII [Florentine Faith in Sforza] p. 144
XIII [Florence, Sforza and the Count of Poppi] p. 144
XIV [Peace Terms acceptable because they include Restoration of the States of the Church] p. 145
XV [Peace Terms based on Mutual Respect for Territorial Integrity] p. 145
XVI [Alarm over Genoa’s Truce with Milan] p. 146
XVII [Florentine Congratulations to the Doge of Genoa on the Restoration of Liberty] p. 147
XVIII [Sforza and the Risk of Genoese Reconciliation with Milan] p. 149
XIX [The triple Alliance and Hopes for Liberty and Peace] p. 150
XX [The Duke of Milan accused of aiming to extend his Dominions] p. 150
XXI [The Renewal of Sforza’s Condotta and his Conflict with the Pope] p. 151
XXII [Sforza withdraws his Army from the Vicinity of papal Bologna] p. 152
XXIII [Sforza’s Evidence of a papal Plot against him] p. 153
XXIV [Revelation of secret Papal Documents and the Effect on Renewal of Sforza’s Condotta] p. 154
XXV [Milanese envoys visiting Sforza] p. 155
XXVI [The Prospect of inheriting Milan dangled before Sforza] p. 156
XXVII [Florentine Support for the Pope’s Diplomatic Efforts on Behalf of Peace] p. 158
XXVIII [Milan accused of a Breach of the Peace] p. 159
XXIX [Venice accused of Failure to come to the Support of her Ally] p. 160
XXX [Florence rejects the Luccan Request to participate in the Negotiations for Peace] p. 161
XXXI [Florence agrees to let Sforza go to the Assistance of Venice] p. 162
XXXII [Venice proposes a Change in the Conditions of Sforza’s Employment] p. 163
XXXIII [Florence rejects the Proposal citing the Dependence of Florence on Sforza] p. 163
XXXIV [Venice rejects the Warning of Cosimo de’ Medici that Sforza might Abandon the League] p. 166
XXXV [Venice denies Opposition to Florentine Acquisition of Lucca] p. 166
XXXVI [Florence notifies her Allies of her Abandonment of the War against Lucca] p. 166
XXXVII [The Venetian Response] p. 167
XXXVIII [The Pursuit of a general Peace favored by Florence] p. 168
XXXIX [A Florentine Appeal to the Luccans to return to ancient Friendship] p. 169
XL [Threatened by Piccinino, the Venetians seek the Reengagement of Sforza] p. 170
XLI [Venetian War Aims] p. 171
XLII [Piccinino’s Threat to Brescia and a Desire for Florentine Assistance] p. 174
XLIII [Venetian Efforts to regain the Services of Francesco Sforza] p. 175
XLIV [Secret Negotiations with the Florentine Council of Ten regarding the Reemployment of Sforza] p. 176
XLV [The vital Interests of the Papal States, of Venice, of the League, and of all Italy require Sforza’s Return to Service] p. 177
XLVI [Sforza’s Condotta of 19 February 1439] p. 179
XLVII [Sforza summoned to save Brescia and the Venetian State] p. 180